Star LabTop
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Star LabTop Mk III Linux laptop computer opening to show Ubuntu Linux running

To the outside world, the Star LabTop Mk III is just an ordinary Linux laptop, but secretly, it is one of the fastest ultrabooks available. The new Star LabTop Mk III delivers up to a 20% performance increase with the new Intel® Core™ i7-8550u quad-core processor and even faster SSD storage. A 45.6w battery is housed in the Type II anodised aluminium chassis allowing for a 40% increase in battery life.


Full HD
IPS Display
Up to
battery life

Built for


The Star LabTop Mk III was built for Linux and comes with a choice of Ubuntu Linux, Linux Mint or Zorin OS pre-installed. Regardless of the distribution used, the Star LabTop Mk III runs flawlessly. The BIOS, Embedded Controller and SSD receive automatic firmware updates via the LVFS. Essential security features are included as standard such as the options to disable:

  • Intel Management Engine
  • Wireless
  • Webcam
Star LabTop Mk III linux laptop computer open right side showing aluminium chassis


Intel Core i7


The Intel® Core™ i7-8550u processor with Intel UHD 620 graphics boasts outstanding performance. Utilising 14-nanometre processor technology, the variable clock speeds and multiple processor cores enable the Star LabTop Mk III to switch seamlessly between energy efficiency and performance.

Up to
faster performance
Up to
Turbo Boost processing
Star LabTop Mk III Linux laptop computer open back showing iconic star logo


High Definition


The Star LabTop Mk III features a 13.3" hybrid display, comprising a matte screen with glass overlay. It's power efficient LED backlighting produces bright and vibrant colours. The combination of 1920x1080 resolution and IPS technology ensures optimum viewing clarity at angles up to 178°.

viewing angle
Star LabTop Mk III linux laptop computer open showing wide viewing angle of full HD IPS screen

Powered by the


Star Drive

The Star LabTop Mk III hosts an over-provisioned Star Drive SSD which is incredibly fast, featuring a sequential read speed of up to 3200MB/s. Over-provisioning is the inclusion of extra capacity reserved by the SSD controller to manage read and write tasks. This increases performance and IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second) whilst enhancing reliability and endurance.

Star Drive PCIe SSD showing label with 480GB capacity
Up to
sequential read speed
Up to
sequential write speed
One port to rule them all

The USB-C port provides simultaneous charging, speedy data transfer and video output in a reversible design that’s just one-third of the size of a traditional USB 3 port, putting everything you need in one place.

Star LabTop Mk III Linux laptop computer closed showing USB-C, HDMI and USB 3.0 ports
Super Key board

The full-size LED backlit keyboard features an array of function keys designed to speed up certain tasks, such as media control and adjusting display brightness. One popular feature is the function lock, that when enabled, makes the F-keys behave as if you are holding down the Fn key. The ultra smooth finish of the oversized glass trackpad allows your fingers to glide over it’s surface effortlessly, enabling precise tracking and elegant gesture control.

Star LabTop Mk III Linux laptop computer open showing backlit Linux keyboard with super key



Power Adapter

The Star LabTop Mk III charges via the USB-C port. Detachable plugs for the UK, Europe and the USA are included as standard, allowing you to charge your laptop across the World.

65w USB-C wall charger with 3 included plugs for the UK, US and EU